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TransForm Idaho Inc. was formally established in 2012, We began as a random individuals who came together at the Capitol in Boise to oppose a bill that would have forced pregnant women considering abortion to undergo a medically unnecessary and invasive ultrasound exam. We work together and as individuals to support voters and advocate for social justice causes and help others understand issues that affect our state.

When the going gets tough, the tough unite for shared concerns

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Knowledge Base

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If you can help with interviewing and matching volunteers and skills with organizations, issues, and needs, please come to the Linen Building by 1 p.m. for a pre-program briefing. See you there.

TransForm Idaho has combined forces with United Vision for Idaho. Join us.

Come to The Linen Building, 1420 W. Grove St., in Boise from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 10, to the “People Powered Solutions: Engage, Empower, Create Change Together!” event, staged by United Vision for Idaho, the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, and participating organizations that include TransForm Idaho as we marshal resources for effective public education and policy campaigns.
Representatives of 20 area organizations will be on hand to meet with volunteers willing to be actively involved in advancing social justice and progressive change, and to thwart legislation that would deny equal rights to anyone, and to conduct a robust statewide education campaign based on shared values and issues.
Thanks to Pie Hole, the pizza people, for their support in providing pizzas for the event.
This event provides a cohesive, syngergistic opportunity to bring together individuals and organizations that have advocated separately for causes, often with frustrating results.
“One of the problems in Idaho is that there are too many organizations working as silos, replicating efforts, and competing for scarce resources,” said Adrienne Evans, executive director of United Vision for Idaho. “Though well intentioned, it fractures the movement and dilutes the strategy and message. This is an opportunity for individuals to get engaged with existing organization who have the capacity to get things done with the right support. Now, more than ever we need to be united in our efforts and working together strategically for our shared vision and those in our community who need this kind of advocacy the most."
For more information, contact Adrienne Evans, at 208-861-8907
or email her at

Contacting Your Legislators

Despite the many communication technologies available, most Idaho legislators still prefer the old-fashioned methods of letters, phone calls, and direct face-to-face contact. Learn more here.

Find the most reliable, most authoritative information sources on a range of social issues with the TransForm Idaho custom search engine, powered by Google. This search form filters out fake news sites, blogs, conspiracy theories and random Internet rumor mills, going to primary data sources, official sites, and specialty organizations based upon a unique algorithm designed just for such research. It works just like a regular Google search form, but cuts right to the chase.

Using Your Voice in Media

For a complete list of Idaho and regional newspapers and other media outlets, plus specific requirements they may have on submitting your opinion, click here.