TransForm Idaho Inc.

Sue Philley, TransForm Idaho co-founder, at a Capitol healthcare rally.

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About TransFormIdaho

TransForm Idaho Inc. is an Idaho-sanctioned 501 (c)(3) charitable educational organization under the rules of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

Our organization was established in April 2012 with the mission of informing and advocating on behalf of Idaho voters. We encourage all citizens to be actively engaged in the democratic process, whether at local, state, or national levels.

As a nonprofit organization, we do not endorse specific candidates or specific legislation. We can, and do, however, seek and promote dialogue between voters and elected officials at all levels, with the aim of legislating and administering programs and policies that build a better, more prosperous and progressive state, nation, and world for all people.

Accordingly, we provide information and educational resources to help voters better understand how government works and to help voters engage with elected officials in positive ways.

TransForm Idaho is an all-volunteer organization that helps promote the activities of other nonprofits that advocate more specific progressive causes. Our aim is to help ensure as many people as possible in Idaho are aware of the efforts of such organizations, and to encourage popular support for their work.
As a charitable nonprofit organization, we depend upon your generous donations to support our work, including the maintenance of this Website, research related to issues that affect Idaho voters, and marketing tools to make this information as widely available as possible. We encourage your contributions through the use of the PayPal "donate" buttons on the bottom of this and other pages on