Wage Disparity

A living wage and pay equality remain unresolved.

We work with other organizations, public and private, and with concerned citizens, to advance social justice, improve economic opportunities, and encourage equal opportunity for all.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

-- Margaret Mead

Trump Era Sets back rights, justice progress

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its role in trying to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election has added to the policy uncertainties and suspicions, as Trump's popularity continues to decline.

All this adds to the necessity that we stay vigilant and invormed about the issues that concern us most.

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We Inform and  Support Idaho voters on issues that matter

Our aim is to help voters and elected officials alike be fully informed about the factors involved in issues that concern us all as we work together to transform Idaho. We provide resources and research tools to separate fact from fiction.


We encourage citizen advocacy through engagement with legislators and elected officials at all levels, local, state, and national. We show you how to make your voice heard and make your opinion matter.


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Four Key Issues


Quality Education

Idaho gets an F in spending, quality, and go-on rate.

Health Care Access

Insurance , cost, and availability need solutions.

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Even before Donald Trump took the oath of office as president in January, there were increasingly dire predictions of what his administration might do to dismantle or reverse achievements of the previous eight years under Barack Obama.

A Republican majority in Congress specifically vowed to repeal and maybe or maybe not replace the Affordable Care Act was perhaps the most concerning of several simmering issues.

When more than 5,000 people marched in the cold, wet snow in Boise, joining millions in Washington, D.C. and around the world, it was a heartening response to the significant shift in public concern over what plays in the nation's capitol.

Now, midway through Trump's first year, healthcare remains unresolved, along with the troubling possibility of a major struggle in Congress over spending priorities that would, among other things, significantly increase military spending while cutting public education, scientific research, environmental protection, immigration, and civil rights support, and other social justice protections.

Since there have been practically no legislative achievements for Trump and the GOP so far, the question of what of the many issues should take priority remains unresolved. At the same time, a troubling and increasingly larger cloud of suspected wrongdoing involving the Trump family and members of Trump's campaign support staff, including support of, if not collusion with Russia and

Human Rights

Idaho's decade-long struggle for equal justice continues.