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This Time, Voting Smart Is More Important Than Ever

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On Nov. 8, Idaho voters have eight registered candidates for the presidency: Conservative Scott Copeland, Democrat Hillary Clinton, Independent Darrell L. Castle, Independent Jill Stein, Independent “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente, Independent David Evan McMullin, Libertarian Gary Johnson, and Republican Donald Trump.

TransForm Idaho does not endorse any specific candidate. What we do ask is that you vote conscientiously. For incumbents or candidates with an established public record, information not driven by cam-

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paign rhetoric or party bias, on state and national candidates, is available at the nonpartisan  Vote Smart .
Fragmentation of political ideologies is obvious, especially at the national level, in the race for the presidency between the two majority party candidates.
To weigh the veracity of day-to-day statements by Clinton and Trump, we recommend the Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact .
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