Much has been made of the prospect that dismayed or disaffected voters will simply not vote at all in this election. Polling institutions have even revised their methodology to take that into account. We earnestly hope that will not be the case. In the divisive political atmosphere that has dominated the national campaign, it is essential that

voters choose wisely from the top of the ticket on down, deciding with care who should represent Idaho in Congress, who to send to the Capitol as legislators, and who would best serve in other state, county, and local offices.
Idaho voters have a choice of eight candidates for the presidency. In our view, however, Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, is unqualified and unfit to be president of the United States. He is even considered a threat to animals.

Never in American history have

It is difficult to even imagine that our nation of nearly 319 million people approaches the Nov. 8 presidential election with two such disliked, distrusted candidates as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
TransForm Idaho, as a nonpartisan organization, does not endorse political candidates or political party platforms. We do, however, urge all voters to prepare for this election by doing their homework, cutting through the rhetorical spins and distortions with facts, from the top of the ballot on down, regardless of the letter after a candidate’s name.

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